Bay Area Anniversary Photographer | Natalia and Dmitry

Bay Area Anniversary Photographer

What a wonderful opportunity to work with this beautiful couple! Natalia and Dmitry had in the orange style and for their special day, we chose the sandy place. We met 6 am early morning for the anniversary wedding. The weather was really hot – 95 °F / 35 ° C! Please enjoy!
Check out my Facebook Page for updates. Bay Area Anniversary Photographer with amazing couple on a field with high grassAnniversary wedding in the early morning with coupleretro images couple walking with chairs in the fieldAnniversary day with adorable couple stay in the chairs under blue wedding anniversary photography on the background of a lake, mountains and foreststhe couple is entertained where a guy twists his wife against the backdrop of mountains and yellow couple on the background of the lake where one can see the reflection of the mountains, the forest and the blue skycouple jumping on a background of yellow mountain, sand and blue skygirl with a developing big ortange cloth on the background of the mountainsCouple have fun with orange clothes in the handsthe anniversary of the wedding couple in white clothes and with a developing orange cloth in hands against the blue sky.Portrait of the couple with white clothes, orange soft carrot toy in the light blue sky.Couple hug each other in the white sands.White clothes for anniversary wedding couple and the beautiful blue lake background. a guy with a girl walks along the sand barefoot and stands knee-deep in the water in the Bay Area.