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Baylands Park Sunnyvale Photographer | Fafi’s Family

Happy Love Smile and beautiful family mom and two sons in the Baylands park

Baylands Park | Sunnyvale Photographer

I worked with adorable mom and her two sons in the Baylands park. This place is a very scenic for taking pictures, hang out with friends and family. The light was amazing. These are the gorgeous family made me laugh for an hour!
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Sunnyvale photographer for taking pictures mom and her adorable 2 of 3 people with white shirt and blue jeans. Two sons and 2 sons and mom in the parkPortrait the boy and mom with another son in the background.Yellow grass during summer time in the Baylands park, Sunnyvale. Mom with son with white shirt and blur jeans and portrait the other son with white shirt.the boy smiling portrait in the green grasstwo brothers in the high grass sitting and smilingbrothers show how their care about each otherbrothers show how their care about each other in the park. One of them kissing his brother in the forehead.brothers and mother in the Sunnyvale park California with white and her sons lay down in the grass. Family smiling.mother and two adorable kidslet's go to walk with soap bubbles. Two brothers boys in the blue shirts and blue jeans.summer time for walking with kids, Mom and her kids walking in the arch trees.boy portrait and his funny emotions.the boy smile in the camera and posing.adorable family walking in the Baylands park, California. Mom and kids are wearing blue shirts and jeans.Sunset time and you can dream about future. Kids think about future and sit in the small bridge in the park.