Wedding Photographer Brentwood | Brandy and Marsha

The wedding day started at Hampton Inn hotel where were Brandy and Marsha. Marsha is worried in that day, but Brandy has been very active and joyful. The ceremony has been on Sunset in Newberry Estate Vineyards, Brentwood, and truly inspiring. Amazing orange color and many wonderful guests surrounded by an adorable couple. Thewedding was bright,…


Carly and Gemma, both from the United Kingdom, decided to celebrate the small wedding in Santa Cruz, California. They had gorgeous white dresses for the ceremony in the beach. After the ceremony we back to the Dream Hotel, They raised their glasses, dress up casual clothes for a photo shoot and go to Santa Cruz Beach…

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer | Kirstie and Esteban

 As San Francisco City Hall wedding photographer, I love small weddings and elopement. Kirstie and Esteban from Orange County, California and they decided to celebrate the wedding with wonderful parents and siblings. This day was full of positivity energy and kindness. Thank you for every moment in that day. Check out my Facebook Page for updates