Brentwood Wedding Photographer | Brandy and Marsha

Brentwood Wedding Photographer. Engagement and wedding rings in the yellow and violent background.

Brentwood Wedding Photographer

The wedding was bright, memorable, and cheerful. The ceremony has been started at sunset in the Newberry Estate Vineyards. Brandy and Marsha exchanged vows in front of wonderful guests during the ceremony. After that, the reception started on time it was fun and joyful. Fantastic place with a lot of details such as beautiful flowers on the tables, an ice bar. Congratulations and the best wishes to you both on your life journey together.

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Kids in the Hampton inn hotel before the wedding ceremony

Portrait of the groom during the getting ready. Same sex couple.

Getting ready in the groom's room in the Newberry Estate Vineyards

same sex wedding. The happy groom during getting ready.

Hampton Inn room during getting ready . Groom's room.

Happy groom ready to see the bride.

Green background and amazing portrait of the groom. Same sex wedding.

guys during getting ready in the hotel, Brentwood

kid's in the wedding during getting ready in the hotel

groom and friend have fun in the hotel.

groom in the white suit during getting ready in the hotel

White limo near the hotel, Brentwood, Ca

Hampton Inn sign and white limo in the Brentwood wedding

Hotel, Hampton Inn, Brentwood

Newberry Estate Vineyards sign

Outdoor wedding ceremony in the Newberry Estate Vineyards

Newberry Estate Vineyards building for getting ready

Guests are coming to the ceremony in the Newberry vineyards.

Wedding reception: white tablecloths, flowers. Indoor

Ice bar with golden initial bride and groom sign

Reception details with white tablecloth and flowers, golden silvers and white

Wedding details during reception

Huge wedding cake and adorable ice bar with golden butterfly decoration.

Reception details in the table

Guests arriving and say hi in the wedding.

Group pictures in the wedding

Reception is starting and officiant, bridesmaids going down the aisle.

Groom is coming to the ceremony in the Brentwood

Sunset time for reception and wedding party are going down the aisle.

Ceremony is starting and bridesmaids with flower girl are going down the aisle.

Flower girl and rings bear go to the outdoor vineyard ceremony.

Groom with white suit ready to the ceremony

Guests happy to see the groom and wedding party

Happy guests are waiting the ceremony

Guests take pictures before the wedding ceremony

guests take pictures of the groom. Groom walking down the aisle.

Guest take pictures of the groom before the ceremony in the Newberry Estate Vineyards

Bridesmaid, flower girl and ring bear in the white dresses

The bride walking down the aisle with brother

Ring's bear walking with sign "here comes your queen"

Bride and her brother walking down the aisle in the Newberry Estate Vineyards.

Guests take pictures of the bride.

Bride has Vera Wang white wedding dress

All guest stay with smartphones for take pictures or video the bride.

The bride has long beautiful white dress from Vera Wang brand.

Sunset time for the wedding ceremony. The bride is coming to see her groom. Same sex wedding.

Ceremony started and everybody have white dress or suit

The groom is happy to see her adorable bride.

Guest is sitting and listening the wedding ceremony during sunset time.

Everybody waiting the ceremony and look at the amazing couple.

White decorations for the wedding during wedding ceremony.

Portrait the bride and the groom in the same sex wedding.

Flower girl during the wedding ceremony

Newberry Estate Vineyards the couple during the wedding ceremony

Orange sunset and adorable couple with white dress listening the wedding officiant

The groom look at her bride and the couple holding hands in the sunset time

Newlyweds look each other and holding hands in the vineyards, Brentwood

the groom put the wedding ring on the bride finger

Newlyweds look each other during the rings exchange.

People pay attention in the wedding ceremony.

Adorable light in the wedding ceremony. Guests looking at the bride and groom

Guest happy for new married girls couple

First married kiss.

Bride and groom leaving the ceremony, California. Same sex couple.

Newlyweds couple leaving the ceremony

Guests speaking after wedding ceremony

Guest with pink hair looking at the photogtapher

Family pictures with bride and groom

Brentwood venue and Newberry Estate Vineyards after sunset.

Newlyweds dancing and happy. Grand entrance now is open.

Groom and bride walking down the aisle to reception in the Brentwood.

People waiting the newlyweds couple in the reception

Guest looking at the adorable newlyweds couple.

Wedding reception with guests aroung

Reception the bride and groom dancing.

Groom and bride look each in the first dance. Same sex wedding.

First dance as newlyweds for indoor wedding

Wedding Photographer Brentwood. Groom and bride have first dance.

Groom is coming to the reception with blue suit

First dance bride and groom in the Brentwood wedding

Bride and groom dancing in the indoor wedding

groom and bride holding hands

Groom and bride cut the big cake in the wedding

Groom and bride are kissing near huge wedding cake

Reception in the Brentwood Wedding

The groom take pictures near the ice bar gold sign

The groom take pictures with friends in the wedding

The bride take pictures with guests and have fun

Newlyweds take pictures with guests

People dancing and have fun in the Newberry Estate wedding

People dancing and happy in the wedding, Brentwood

The bride happy and ready to catch her wedding bouquet.

Girls try to catch wedding bouquet in the same sex wedding.

The bride through wedding bouquet in the indoor wedding

Guests have fun in the wedding, Brentwood, CA

Groom and bride posing for pictures in the indoor wedding

Groom and guests posing for pictures in the indoor wedding

People dancing in the wedding

Newberry Estate Vineyards venue during the wedding