Christian Wedding | Bay Area Wedding Photographer | Victoria and Yaro

Newlyweds lying on the grass with green apples in the shape of heart

Christian Wedding

Here is another beautiful wedding of Victoria & Yaroslav wedding at there Bay Area Church, California. I got the opportunity to capture this important moment in their life. It was the family wedding and the couple decided to start taking pictures in the park first. The last August was a lot of green apples in we used as the props for the photo session. After that, we arrived at the church for the ceremony. The Orthodox wedding ceremony has parts of the sacrament of the God. Orthodox church members must receive communion on the Sunday before the marriage ceremony. Rules of the church, the bride wears a veil during the wedding ceremony, and women must cover their head with a scarf in the church.
Please enjoy this amazing couple. Thank you for a beautiful day!

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Details: sign of August 7 and red big cat under the veil.Black and white portrait of the bride during make upThe bride look at the mirror with red background.Bride during getting ready. Black and white image element of the dress.Portrait of the bride before the ceremonyBride touch red cat in the appartmentgroom and groomsmen during getting readygroom and bride see each other in the first time.Groom looking at the bride. She put boutonniere in the fiance jacket.the bride and groom get into the carBride and groom in the park with amazing flowers.In the park, the groom kisses her amazing bride on the cheek. Bride and groom standing among yellow sunflowers.Sunny wedding day for newlyweds couple standing next to sunflowers.Green garden and newlyweds during photo session.Portrait of the groom and newlyweds kiss each other in the park.The bride has long beautiful white veil. Newlyweds look each other.Newlyweds laying in the grass among green apple trees.Black and white image where groom kiss her bride in the cheek. They both laying down in the grass.Portrait of the bride, she looks at her fiance.Portrait of the groom where he looks at her fiancee.the groom and the bride play with green apple trees in the apple orchard.Groom and bride laughing in the apple orchard.Bride and groom walking, the bride has a purple umbrella.Portrait bride and groom and apple trees background. Sunset during wedding photo session newlyweds in the park.Bride and groom kiss each other in the apple orchard.bride and groom hug each other and look up.Bride and groom sitting in the bench in the park.newlyweds stand among red rowan.Bride and groom are going to the Bay Area Church with red stone.Christian Wedding in the Bay Area ChurchWedding ceremony in the church with bride and groom hold candles in their handsPriest, guesta and bride with groom pray in the church.Orthodox wedding ceremony in the the church a white rays of light fall on the bride and groomBride and groom with wedding party in the christian church.Portrait of the groom and bride in the church during baptism ceremonyProfile of the bride and groom in the church.The priest read the Bible in the church during the wedding ceremony.The priest hands the crown to the groomsmen at the wedding ceremony in the churchBridesmaids and groomsmen hold krowns above the bride and groom heads.Painted Orthodox Church and newlyweds at the wedding ceremony.3/4 image with bride and groom and guests in the church.Portrait the groom and groomsmen who holds the crown over the head of the groom.Orthodox tradition to take a sip of wine during a ceremony in the church.Orthodox wedding ceremony during the morning timethe bride and groom walk three times around the altar in the church.the priest takes the crown from the groom's sideThe priest pray and stays near the bride.The bride prays and looks in the crown in the churchNewlyweds look at the priest in the church.Outdoor photo session outside the church during after wedding ceremony.Newlyweds posing next the red orthodox church.The bride sit in the car and the groom stays next to her.