San Jose Greek Orthodox Christening in St Nicholas church | Maria

Happy portraits of the Dad, the mom and the daughter

Greek Orthodox Christening

I was happy working as the photographer in the St Nicholas church, San Jose. The ceremony of Baptism takes a place in the best time-honored Christian traditions. Photos made during Christening have special good faith and expressiveness. Bright pictures will always remember you on this important day in the life of your child. it was an amazing part this sacrament of baptism. Families and friends filled the church and all action takes place near the altar.
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Greek Orthodox St Nicholas Church in San Joseinside St Nicholas church people listen the priest inside the St Nicholas church San JoseAdorable baby girl with family inside the church. The girl look in the camera.Family and friends in the St Nicholas church in San Jose during christian baptismBlack and white image. The baby girl touching mom and mother smiling. Dad listening the priest.Maria with family and guests during christening in the Greek churchDetails for christian baptism in church: bible and candles in San Jose Greek Orthodox churchGreek Orthodox Christening and guests, family, baby girl Maria during orthodox baptism ceremony. Guests and priest praying in the church.Greek Orthodox Christening where the priest is going immerse the water of a little girl in water during baptism. The girl is crying in the St Nicholas churchBaby girl is crying during dipping child in the water in the Greek Orthodox church.Baby girl cut the small part of her hair in the churchWitnesses and responsible people for the child's baptism is listening the priest.Black and white image in St Nicholas church. The child in the arms of her godmother.The godmother with baby girl in the San Jose Greek churchThe priest stays with the smoke candle in Greek church as part of orthodox traditional during the christening the baby girl.People during greek orthodox ceremony stay with lit candles in the church.The godmother and the godfather with stand with goddaughter in the church.St Nicholas church the priest waves a censer.The priest read the part from the bible for godmother and godfather during Greek Orthodox Baptism.The moment of the sacrament baby girl in the san jose church.Parent have different emotions during orthodox baptism.Baby girl is crying and looking at the priest in the church.Happy baby girl with beautiful rose dress.