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Green Apple Wedding

Olga and Artyom celebrated the wedding in September which is the apple picking season. All wedding was matching with green: apartment, bride’s robe, socks, crocs, custom wedding invitation, the bottle of champagne, groom’s tie and an amazing the wedding bouquet with small green apples.  Thank you for an absolutely wonderful wedding day.

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white wedding shoes and custom invitation cardThe green bottle of champagne with custom signs and two wedding champagne glasses.the bride takes off the ivory dress from the ledge. In the glass inside wedding rings.Bride's makeup with green apple backgroundBride and groom getting ready in the different rooms.First look and grooms emotions.The bride helps the groom with the tie on the green backgroundnewlyweds on the light brown wooden background and blue-violet glare.newlyweds walking in a park with tall green treesportrait newlyweds looking each other and sitting in the benchThe bride sits on groom's knees in the green garden.Groom and bride look each other in the garden.Portrait groom and bride in the orange light.bride with a white lace umbrella. Newlyweds walking in the park.groom juggles green apples in the parkthe bride lies on the grass with a green apple wedding picking season for the newlywedsthe groom holds a lacy white umbrella and holds the bride's hand in the park.Orange sunset with first dance married couple.Newlyweds dancing and black white image with couple in the arch.Bride and groom in the park with turtlesGreen Apple Wedding in the September.Portrait bride and groom where bride with color lace fan and groom with white bouquet with small green apples.bride and groom kiss each other with green outdoor backgroundthe groom and the bride look into the camera through the color lace fan in bride's hand.Bride posing in the car. Outdoor wedding photo-session with bride and groom with blue sky, yellow building with columns.The bride and groom closed their eyes and enjoyed each otherOutdoor newlyweds kissingthe groom and the bride look down dancing with an apple bouquet.Groom and bride have silly faces and fun with light blue background.Guests with bride and groom in the register office.Exchange of Rings in the register office in the brown background.Apple green decoration at the reception with newlyweds sitting at the tablenewlyweds on the first dance in the rays of light from the lamps.the bride and groom the first dance in an orange-green decorated venuethe bride and groom on the first dance in colored smoke.Bride and groom cheers in the venue with green apple decorations.Bride and groom kiss each other in the receptionGreen wedding cake and newlyweds kiss each othersmall green apples custom boxes for the wedding