Hayward Family Photographer | Aminat and Ikenna

Hayward Family Photographer. Anniversary 1 year wedding

Hayward Family Photographer

Aminat and Ikenna, on celebrating your 1st wedding anniversary. They chose for photo-session one the unique elegant park in Hayward Japanese Garden. This lovely, quiet and amazing place. Happy anniversary to you both, and I wish you many more years of happiness and love together!

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bride portrait picture in the garden

bride and groom have photo-session in the garden

Portrait of the man looking toward in the camera and hold it his hat.

The bride has white dress and the groom has grey suit.Outdoor portraits of the bride and the groom.Anniversary emotions of the bride and groom.Anniversary wedding for the adorable couple.

The groom take picture of her adorable bride

Groom and bride walking in the Hayward Japanese Garden.

Portrait of the bride with withe dress

Newlyweds sitting on the stone and posing for pictures

bride and groom portrait pictures. They are sitting in the park.

Bride and groom hold 2 chalk board with signs "forever to go" and "one year down"

Bride and groom posing in the gazebo.

Bride looking towards at the camera

The groom is staying for staging image. The bride portrait with white dress.The groom kissing the bride and taking picture by the phone

Newlyweds staying in the gazebo

The groom hug the bride and looking straight.

Sign in the chalkboard "1 year"

Happy anniversary wedding stay with chalkboards signs.