Orthodox Russian Christening in Burlingame | Alex

family and two kids before orthodox christening

Orthodox Russian Christening

It was the private baptism ceremony in the Burlingame, California. Baby Alex blessed to have two Godparents who all adore and love him so much. Shooting Christenings, as they have so much warmth and wonderful emotions. I wish baby Alex, his brother and family health, and happiness.

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black and white image, colorful image. Baby portrait look at photographer.Alex's Christening Orthodox at the Burlingame, Californiababy boy in the church ready to orthodox christeningOlder brother holds baby brother in the church before Christening in the church, Californiababy with Godparents in the churchGodmother holds godson's son during christening in the churchOrthodox Russian Christening baby. Family and Godparents in the churchBible in the church and another detailsBaby look in the camera in the Orthodox Russian Churchadorable-baby-boy-in-the-churchChurch in the Burlingame during Christening Orthodox
Baby boy doesn't cry in the russian orthodox christening Baby boy with Godparents and priest during Russian Orthodox Christening in the BurlingameBlack and white image during christening with 2 Godparents and little boyTradition ritual during Russian Christening in the churchGodparents and baby boy look in the priest in the christening ceremony.Parents stay in the church during Russian Orthodox ceremony in the church.baby boy in the church during cutting hairs Christening baby boy. Left image priest with baby. Right image mom with baby boy in the church.anciscoAfter Christening beautiful baby boy for captured moment all family together.