Red Fall Wedding | Bay Area Wedding Photographer | Olga and Vlad

Black and white image of the romantic moment of the bride and groom.

Red Fall Wedding

Autumn is time for the fall wedding! Nature is rich, beautiful and colorful. I wanted to convey this special day for Olga and Vlad and added red color to the fall pictures. It was the day of comfort and romance from newlyweds, and I saw their eye contact and feelings to each other.

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bride and groom sitting in a white carBride and groom stand near the carblack and white photo with the newlyweds and their reflection in the mirror.groom, bride and wedding party in the hall of registrationthe groom put the ring он the bride hand and they both look at.bride and groom in the registration office with brown beige background of curtains.the bride and groom just left the register office and smilingwedding party throws petals of yellow roses near register office. Portrait of a bride smiling in the car.the bride and groom are standing in front of a white car decorated in nature.

Red Fall Wedding in the beautiful parkPortrait of the bride and groom gently touch the shoulder of the bride.

fall pictures with bride and groom

the bride and groom go from the church. The newlyweds stand in the background of the building with the columns.geometrical composition with columns and the bride and groom kissing.portrait of the bride and groom in natural light.the groom and the bride look out from behind the column. Newlyweds under a veil in the green arch.bride in a full length white dress and with a long white veil.Newlyweds under the veil during sunsetthe bride and groom under the veil at sunset time.Rehearsal on the nature of the first wedding dance newlyweds.pensive bride and groom with light yellow backgroundthe groom wearing is black suit and the bride has a white dress with a long veil sitting on the steps of the mansion.the bride and groom are lying on the grass and holding handsThe bride and groom lie on the grass and lightly touch each other's faceportrait of the bride and groom in a full-length with flying long veil.portrait of the bride and groom talking on a smartphone sitting in the car.bride and groom sitting in the car and talking on the phone with someone.The bride and groom go from the car against the backdrop of an industrial building.the bride and groom enjoy each other on the first dance.the bride and groom on the first dance with light blue balls and smoke around them.groom and bride on the first dance with falling multicolored paper starsthe bride and groom kiss each other surrounded by light blue balls in the venue.