San Francisco Portrait Photographer | Bay Area | Elena

San Francisco Portrait the lady in the downtown.

San Francisco Portrait

Elena is a very talented person, business lady, and faithful friend. The the best time for outdoor photos early morning or evening.We met at noon but it was the right lighting. Our day started from the downtown area, after abandoned railroads, park and last it was an indoor session.

Check out my Facebook Page for updatesgirl on a background of tall buildingBlack white photo of the girl sits in the downtown location in San Francisco.girl against a blue sky with white contrast clouds.Portrait of a girl in a gray dress is holding sunglasses. A girl standing against the background of a skyscraper under the blue sky.girl in a blue dress sitting on the rails in the background on the abandoned factory.girl sitting and standing on the rails of an abandoned railwayPortrait of a girl wearing sunglasses in an industrial location against and white fence.portrait of a girl in the blue dress and sunglasses against a white concrete fence.portrait of a girl with dark long hair in a park with green trees and yellow leaves on the ground.girl with long dress color pattern dancing surrounded yellow foliageThe girl around green bushes and yellow flowers. A girl stands next to the mirror.Portrait of a girl and a reflection mirror in a black white dress looks into the cameragirl in a yellow dress and with long hair sitting on the orange couch and looks out the windowblack white photo of a girl with long hair in the apartment