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San Jose Baby Photographer for 6 month baby.

San Jose Baby Photographer

Its that time of year I so excited to share baby lifestyle photo session. Meet 6-month baby, Ivan. The family had a lot of fun running up and down in their cute apartment. I am so excited to share their maternity session with you.

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The 6 month boy sitting in the couch with soccer ball toyParents play with baby and baby boy lie down on the bedDad, mom and their son lie down on the bad and boy look at the green soft ball. The mom hold the with mom in the orange backgroundPortraits of the mom and his baby boy son with navy blue background.Baby boy and his mother look at the camera and smile.Portrait of the baby with blue t-shirts and leopard background.6 month baby lie down on the bed with leopard blanket. 6 month baby boy with turquoise clothes turquoise crawling on the glass table, and his parents have fun.Mom hold it her adorable baby son and smiling.Baby and son in the orange background apartment.Lifestyle photo where baby sits in the bad with yellow towels on his head.Parents hold his baby boy. Parents have white t-shirts, son has light blue t-shirt.a little boy with his finger in his mouth and looking at photographer.Baby boy has fun in the orange couach and his big soft ivory bear.Baby boy has idea in the orange sofa.Baby lie down in the sofa with soft brown bear toyParents sitting with little son in the floor and play.Parents hold their cute baby boy and look at him.Dad has his son under his arm, the baby takes it calmly.