SF Bay Adventures | Bay Area Wedding Photographer | Natali and Arthur

SF Bay Adventures sitting in the tram as bride and groom.

SF Bay Adventures

Before the ceremony, Natali and Arthur decided to go in the park without guests and bridal party BUT the limo was broken. One moment they changed all plans. We took the public tram, walked to the streets, and went to the amusement park with attractions.  During the fall time, the view is definitely worth it. All locations are really colorful and nice. Thank you, Natali and Arthur, for an extremely positive day!

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wedding decorations on a blue backgroundwedding decorations on a blue backgroundwhen bride has makeup during getting ready the groom came.bride and groom sitting in the blue violet limored limo was broken and bride and groom take posing for picturesBride and groom smiling against a red brick wallBride and groom stay and jump with violet umbrella against a red brick wall.bride and groom smile each other and groom touch bride's veil.the bride and groom are trying to kiss each other under the veil against the red background.the bride and groom are running along the pedestrian crossingblack white image with bride and groom in the public tramBride sitting on the groom's knees in a public tram.Bride and groom have fun in the fall time.the bride and groom have fun on the playgroundthe bride and groom swing on a swinggroom and the bride in an amusement park on an inflatable attraction.bride and groom in amusement park ride on the carousel with swans.groom and bride against the background of yellow foliagebride and groom kiss each other through the yellow leaves.bride and groom with silly faces in the fall yellow daythe bride and groom throw yellow leaves up against the background of yellow-green trees.newlyweds having fun against the background of orange and green foliage in the fall day.Newlyweds kissing in the yellow, orange, green leaves in the fall.Bride and groom stay in the register office with guests.bride and groom kissing in the colorful decoration in the reception.details for the wedding in lilac, pink, purple tones. Decoration on the table, wedding cake.