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Tying the Knot in the Bay Area

This is beautiful destination wedding with relaxed people having fun and enjoying the day. Weather and light helped a lot with the colorful fall wedding. Natalia chose simple classic dress was a perfect match for their day. The amazing park and venue, has been perfect for this unforgettable day. Please enjoy this amazing wedding with Natalia and Dmitry.

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Tying the Knot for romantic groom and bride. Heart frame and newlyweds inside.Bride, groom and guests in the register office with yellow-blue background.Bride and groom talk each other in the register office.Bride and groom during ceremony in the register office.bride and groom with serious faces during the ceremony.The bride sign document in the ceremony.Groom sign document in the ceremony.Moment of the exchange the rings from the groom side.Moment of the exchange the rings from the bride side.Groomsmen laughing and going to celebrate newlywedsHappy newlyweds leaving the register office.guests shout hurray and showered petals of roses newlyweds after the ceremony.the bride and groom kiss, and the guests throw white and red rose petals on the newlywed coupleThe bride and groom hold champagne glasses after the ceremony.guests congratulate and clink glasses with bride and groomthe bride and groom are holding hands in a limousine with a purple ceiling.Portrait groom and bride in the park.bride and groom walking in the park with a white lace wedding umbrella.the groom holds a yellow branch and shows his hornsthe groom stands in profile, and the bride looks at the groom at sunset.Portrait bride and groom look each other.Bride and groom walk in the gardencolorful fall wedding with bride and groom walking in the garden.Fall wedding with kissing couple and guests stand in the background.Colorful clothes of the bridal party with bride and groom in the park.the bride and groom kiss each other on a background of red and white house and blue sky.
Colorful outdoor newlyweds couple.Newlyweds couple in the green garden during the yellow fall time.Bride and groom kissing and the bride cover them part of the wedding dress faces.Old yellow historical building with gorgeous bride and groom. the bride and groom look to the side and stand between two monuments with their heads in the park.Bride and groom dancing in the green park in the fall time.groom lifts the bride the portrait of the newlyweds and the couple stands near the limousine.Happy newlyweds with guests outdoorRussian tradition, the bride and groom break bread and salt from the loaf.Russian tradition, the bride and groom break bread and salt from the loaf, laugh and look at each otherThe bride and groom are surrounded by guests in a wooden barn.guests have fun at the wedding during the kiss of the bride and groom.Toasts in the barn for bride and groom.red wooden barn wedding with kissing newlyweds.Bridesmaids and bride dancing in the wooden barn.the first dance of the bride and groom in a two-story barn with red colorsthe first dance of the bride and groom in a two-story barn