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Villa Ragusa Wedding Photographer | Jemmy & Adam

the best way for first look bride and groom thinking about each other

Villa Ragusa Wedding

It was an absolutely beautiful place located in a downtown area Campbell. This day was special for Jemmy and Adam. I honor to share my ideas of the perfect look of the groom and groomsmen for the wedding photo and poses for your wedding party!
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Wedding rings with red and brown background
The groom is getting ready.
The groom's black shoes
Happy groom posing before the wedding.
Seriouse groom in the Larkspur hotel.
The groom and groomsmen cheers.The groom is sitting in the chair with cognac.Groom and Groomsmen leaving the hotel.Photo session for groom and groomsmen in the staircases. White limo outside the hotel.Photo session for groom and groomsmen in the second floor of Villa Ragusa wedding.Wedding party with black suits posing for pictures.Groom shows the wedding ring and groomsmen smiling.Guys stay without jackets before ceremony.10 groomsmen, 1 rings bear and the groom posing for photographer.portraits of groomsmen and groom.Jump! Funny pictures of the wedding party. Be cool and confident groomsmen party. Guys show unique colorful socks.Groom's black and white socksGroomsmen funny posing and portrait of the groom.groom goes down the aisle with black suits and smiling.The groom expecting the bride with groomsmen during ceremony.Adorable Flower Girl & Ring Bear during the wedding ceremony.Dad walks daughter down aisle on wedding day.Happy dad walks daughter down aisle in the Villa Ragusa Wedding.Dad kiss the daughter before ceremony and groom cries The groom looks in the bride The groom laughing during wedding ceremony8 Bridesmaids in the lilac dresses during ceremonyGroom and bride look each other before exchange their rings Bride and groom laughing in the wedding ceremonyBridal party and wedding couple during ceremony in the Traditional during wedding ceremonyparents looking in the kids in the ceremony Villa Montalvo eventsThe bride read the vows with a happy face The groom read the vows with a happy face and look on the bride.Groom smile in the wedding ceremony parents excited see kids in the ceremonyImportant moment exchange rings - the groomImportant moment exchange rings - the brideFirst wedding kiss as newlyweds.Bride and groom are leaving the wedding ceremony and all guest are standingnewlyweds couple kiss after ceremony