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Wente Vineyards Wedding Photographer | Anna & Philip

Lovely bride and groom in the Wente Vineyards; Livermore, CA 

Wente Vineyards Wedding

Anna & Philip were married at the beautiful Wente Vineyards in the Livermore. I was excited about their wedding since we first met. This was one of a fun wedding include their awesome wedding party, sweet friends, families and beautiful reception. I had a great time with you guys!
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the bride getting ready and look in the mirror in the wente vineyards estate winery.

Wedding preparation: wedding shoes, wedding bouquet and wedding invitationBridesmaids and the bride create a selfie in the Wente Vineyards The bride and seven bridesmaids posing for pictures in the Livermore.7 bridesmaids in the rose robes, and the bride before ceremony in the Wente rings trademark by Barons.The bride think about first look during getting ready.The bride ready to see her handsome future husband. Amazing white wedding dress.First look without look in the Wente Vineyards, LivermoreThe groom during the first look without look is kissing the bride. The bride is smiling.Outdoor ceremony starting and the groom go down the aisle in the Wente VineyardsThe gorgeous bride going down the aisle with her parents in the Wente Vineyards, Livermore, CaliforniaThe gorgeous bride and her parents is going down the aisle with her parents.Bride and Groom see each other in the first time, Livermore, CaliforniaGroomsmen in the blue suits look to the groom during ceremony in the Wente Vineyards, Livermore Wedding.Amazing ceremony with adorable couple in the Wente Vineyards, CaliforniaFirst happy bride's tears during wedding ceremony.  The groom look into the bride's eyes.Beautiful bride looking at the parents in the ceremony.7 bridesmaids looking at the bride Groom's portrait. He looks handsome and confident.Time for wedding ceremony and couple ready to exchange their vows.The wedding ceremony continues and guest ready to see rings exchange in the Livermore.Rings exchange. Groom and bride place the rings and repeat after officiant. Amazing bride and handsome groom look each other in the ceremony. In this moment officiant read documents.Groom happy about ending the ceremony and he could kiss her adorable wife for the first time in beautiful venue in the Wente Vineyards, CA.first time married has a first kiss and guest can't waited to congratulate them.First kiss as newlyweds. Bridal party applauds, the officiant happy, guests take a video.TIme to celebrate as a married couple going down the aisle. bridesmaids, groomsmen and newlyweds ready to take pictures. Funny faces.Newlyweds cheer and raised their wine glasses.The groom and groomsmen have fun for taking pictures. The groom and groomsmen have walking in the vineyards. Just jump in the funny wedding with the groom, best man and wedding party.Guys with blue suits are jumping and have fun.The groom shows the first time his rings for groomsmen.Wedding details. Newlyweds show the wedding rings.Staging pictures the bride and the groom in light creme tone.Adorable sunset with just married couple in the Wente Vineyards Wedding.Fantastic emotions from newlywed couple during sunset time in the Livermore.Groom & bride take pictures during sunset time in the vineyard.Bride and groom run to reception.